Safiya Nygaard Lipstick Collection Review

I’ve loved Safiya’s content for years, ever since her Ladylike days, so when I stumbled upon the fact that she’d partnered with ColorPop to release a lipstick line I HAD to get them. In fact, I went from knowing about them to ordering the full set in about 5 minutes; a good thing too since they sold out soon after.

So, two weeks and $46 later, they’re here and I love them.

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Let’s Talk Body Image

The ‘perfect body’ is everywhere. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, hell even walking down the street it’s there in front of you. Buy this perfume, wear these jeans, eat this yogurt, and you’ll look just like a celebrity! There’s no getting away from the fact that the common view of the ideal body is thin; both figuratively and literally.

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Everyday Skin Care Routine For Under £22!

Skincare can be expensive, especially with the rise of premium serums and creams hitting the market with eye watering prices (I’m looking at you Liz Earle!). I’m not gonna lie it’s nice to have a premium skin care routine from time to time, I recently used and reviewed Tropic’s ABC Skincare routine kit which you can find HERE. As much as I love ABC, sometimes the bank balance won’t stretch to a routine that costs upwards of £50, so I’ve complied a list of some products that can be used to formulate your own simple skin routine for the fairly reasonable price of £21.76 (from Boots UK). One thing I ought to mention is I formulated this routine with my own sensitive, eczema-prone messy skin in mind, however these products are to my knowledge available for other skin types such as dry or combination skin.

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Four Hairstyles For Bobbed Length Hair

As my hair’s been growing out from being a pixie cut I’ve been having to change how I style it. Back when it was super short I could wash it and leave it to do its thing, but as its grown I now need to put a bit more work in. So here’s four quick and easy hairstyles for bobbed length hair.

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How to Maintain a Work-Life Balance Whilst at University

It’s about mid-way through April, and if you’re at university, that means it’s time to revise for exam season. It’s that lovely time of year when the weather is gorgeous but your stuck inside the library hating yourself and your degree. So. For this post I thought I’d stray away from my usual content and post some tips on how to maintain a decent work-life balance whilst studying at university. This is more to give myself a kick up the backside and start properly revising but hopefully it will help you too, student or otherwise!

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Amsterdam 2019 + Look Book!

So last week I took a quick trip to Amsterdam with my parents as a late 21st birthday present. Since everything can be #content I thought I’d create a mini look book whilst I was there and blog a bit about what I got up to, enjoy! All outfits will be linked below if you’re interested, either the exact item or something similar.

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Quick Makeup Routine For When You’re Running Late

We all have those days when we sleep through five alarms, then have 30 minutes to get ready, after spending the first ten running around like a headless chicken (just me?). Well headless chickens no more, today I’m going to tell you about a quick makeup routine that can be done in 13 minutes 19 seconds, see I even timed it for ~science~.

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Tropic Spring Product Launch

On Friday evening I was invited to the Tropic skin care spring product launch, run by ambassadors Jess and Seb. The evening was lovely and it was a great opportunity to see and try out the products first hand, as well as learn more about the products themselves and the Tropic company from the ambassadors. So for this week’s post I thought I’d write a little about what it was like attending this sort of event and some of the products on offer; let’s get into it.

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5 Lip Colors For Spring 2019

It is well and truly spring here in the UK, and the weather has surprisingly been pretty decent. So with a new found *spring* (i’m sorry) in my step I thought I’d share my current go-to lip shades for the season.

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