How To Help Heal Dry And Irritated Skin

Fun fact! I’ve had Eczema to varying degrees of severity for as long as I’ve had skin. My skin is doing pretty good right now but I thought I might share some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way to help soothe and heal dry skin, whether you have eczema, another skin condition or just dry and/or sensitive skin!

My current day-to-day routine involves Garnier HydraLock 24hr lotion. Although not prescribed by my GP for Eczema I find this lotion perfect to use in the mornings because it soaks in quickly and keeps my skin soft all day.

moisture 1

I tend to change moisturisers as and when particular brands are on offer at Boots because, on a student budget sometimes you just can’t afford £7 for a bottle of moisturiser. Although I tend to stick to the same brands such as Garnier, Vaseline or E45, as I know they work and don’t irritate my skin.

In the evening I use a cream prescribed by my GP called ‘Zerocream’. It’s basically a really thick cream that helps my skin when it’s especially dry. I tend to use this one at night because it can take a while to soak in and can feel quite greasy on the skin; but hey, it works! You can buy a version of this cream called Diprobase in Boots or online but personally I would only use it if told to by a GP or Dermatologist, simply because it’s pretty heavy-duty cream and a store bought, lighter formula might be better for your needs.

On top of moisturising there are loads of ways you can help your skin stay soft, smooth and irritation free! Here are a few of these tips..

The first and the most natural way to help your skin is Vitamin D. That’s right! sunshine can help your skin stay clear and smooth. Obviously too much sun can seriously damage your skin but as long as you use a good quality sun-cream a good dose of vitamin D can help clear your skin in no time. If you live somewhere that is often, shall I say lacking in sunlight *cough ENGLAND cough* then it might be worth picking up some vitamin D supplements from your local pharmacy as they will have the same effect as sitting in the sunshine.

If your skin is really dry it might be worth trying Johnsons’ Baby Oil. The perks of using baby oil is that it’s kind to skin by design due to it’s target users (literal babies) and therefore can be great if your skin is sensitive to harsher products and creams. A bottle only costs a pound or two and is super easy to incorporate into your shower routine.

On the subject of showers, maybe take a look at the shower gel you’re using while you’re at it. While we all love to smell like strawberries or a tropical rainforest, the chemicals used to create those scents can be harsh on the skin. Instead try swapping to a gentler wash that’s been dermatologically tested and approved. My current go-to is Sanex Dermo-Sensitive shower cream, it may not make you smell like a human sized strawberry but it’s great for sensitive and dry skin and still smells pretty good in my opinion!

moisture 2

It’s all well and good using products to help your skin, but one of the major ways to help your skin is from the inside out, i.e. your eating choices. No one has the perfect diet, me included! But reducing the amount of certain foods you eat, such as dairy and sugar can really help get your skin in top shape. I know for many people it’s not realistic to completely give up sugar or dairy (I mean HELLO! ICE CREAM IS GOOD) but maybe try to have one or two days a week that are dairy free and see how it helps your skin.

If you are worried about your skin please contact your GP or a dermatologist for advice. I am in NO WAY an expert on skin care, these are just the products and tips that have worked for me, everyone is different so please seek professional advice if you are unsure.

*disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any products mentioned*


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