What It’s Like To Get Your First Tattoo

Yep, ya girl has finally taken the plunge and got her first ever tattoo (sorry mum!). I’d been thinking about getting one for months, but when I took the plunge I went from having a chat with the tattoo studio one week to getting permanently inked the next!

So what’s it really like to get your first tattoo? Well friends, that’s what I’m here to talk you through. From researching designs to sitting in the artists chair, I’m taking you through every step. So relax, grab a cup of coffee, open up Pinterest and lets talk tattoos.

(HUGE DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert in tattoos or anything to do with them, I’m just a 20 year old with a laptop. always consult with a tattoo artist before inking ANYTHING on your body and be sure you are 100% happy with the design you’ve chosen.)


This part was easy, spending hours scrolling through Tumblr and Pinterest for ideas was a lot of fun, and got me really excited about really getting a tattoo. I knew I wanted a floral design that incorporated some geometric aspects as well so I just typed in ‘pretty flower tattoos’ browsed away!

Eventually I decided on something similar to these two tattoos.

tattoo 1     tattoo 2

*Credit: Marla Moon on Pinterest*    *Credit: Pinterest* (I couldn’t find the original poster of this image)


This is when things got real. I chose to have my tattoo done at True Colour Tattoo Studio in York, So I dropped by to see what the place was like and have a chat with them about pricing and booking my appointment. My first impression of True Colour was great, lovely building, lovelier artists! So I went ahead and booked my tattoo. After a £20 deposit, I simply had to wait a week until my appointment.

Appointment Day

On the actual day I was a mix of nervous and excited. I brought my boyfriend, Stephen along both to see what the process was like and to be my designated hand holder. The Tattoo artist Jordan was lovely and spent time looking at the two ideas I had brought and created something really beautiful and unique. He was so patient with all my questions and generally made the whole process a lot less scary. I initially wanted the placement of my tattoo on the right side of my chest, just below my collar-bone. However, I didn’t know this was one of the more painful areas to get tattooed, due to being so close to the bone. Turns out most people get their first tattoo on a more fleshy part of their body!

I was a bit nervous at this point as I’m not very good with pain, but Jordan was really helpful and ran the needle over my skin where I wanted the tattoo with no ink so I could get a sense of what it would feel like. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad! The most painful part was the top of the tattoo near my collar-bone but other than that the worst part was sitting still!

After around 40 minutes, it was done! I had officially got a tattoo! I was so proud of myself for sticking to my original placement and not backing away from it, and the design looks beautiful! Take a look,

First Tattoo    First tattoo 2

I couldn’t be happier with my experience in getting a tattoo, so my parting advice to you is if you want one, GET ONE! If you’ve ever thought about it, do some research and take the plunge. Don’t let the pain put you off because at the end of the day, once you see your gorgeous new look, you’ll forget it even hurt at all.



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