Mini Vintage Haul!

This windy morning in York I took a trip into the city with the goal of getting two ‘going out’ tops and some cocoa butter. Once i’d picked these up i thought i’d pop into a vintage store near my bus stop called ‘Expressions‘ and oh boy did i drop some money in there…

30 minutes and £45 later my face is smiling, but my bank account (read overdraft) is crying. Never one to dwell on the negatives aspects of my chronic overspending i thought i’d share what i found with you all because hey, what else is a blog for?

Oversized ‘American Athletic’ T-Shirt – £10

where are my legs in the second picture????

This was the first piece i picked up. The fabric is super soft and it’s one of those t shirts that look good super baggy or more structured. For the photos i styled it in a more fitted way but i’d just as happily wear it loose for a day on campus.

Green Ralph Lauren Plaid Shirt – £15

At least my legs are back in this one

I got quite excited about this one. Firstly because it’s the first ‘designer’ piece i’ve found in this kind of store and honestly it was moment of pride. Labels aside, the colour of this is what sold it. The deep green goes really well with a lot of my current wardrobe and could easily be dressed up with a pair of heeled boots.

Pale Blue Ralph Lauren Button-Up Shirt – £20

I know i know, i do the same pose in every picture, ya girl’s got limited posing skills

I nearly didn’t get this piece because of the price but once i’d tried it on i couldn’t say no. (I don’t know if you’re seeing a theme here but oversized shirts are my thing) It’s another one of those pieces that can be worn multiple ways; as it is, thrown over a t shirt, or tied at the waist to give it a more structured look.

Special Mention: These Sunglasses – £6.99

I was clearly feeling a ‘vibe’, i’m not sure what to call it, but it was there trust me.

Okay, these weren’t from Expressions, they were from H&M. So not really a vintage find but i love them so much i had to include them! I don’t really know what to say about them, they’re just a cool pair of sunglasses. Just need some sunshine then i’m good to go!

Safe to say my little expedition into the world of vintage clothing went well. Expressions is a really cute store in York, it feels like one of the city’s hidden gems so definetly go if you’re ever here (they also have a website you can find here)! What are you’re favourite vintage finds/stores? Be sure to share in the comments!

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