Heated Eyelash Curlers, Are They Worth The Money?

In the latest installment of Sophie spending money she doesn’t actually have, I spend £16.97 on a heated eyelash curler. I already have a normal eyelash curler, but no APPARENTLY i felt the need to buy one that gently warms my eyeballs as well. Now i’m going to put it to the test, does it work better than a traditional eyelash curler? Is it good value for money? Has it burnt my eyelashes off? Keep reading to find out!

*DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with the products or companies mentioned below. This review is 100% my own opinion and i’m not being paid to talk about this product.*

Lets start of with the look of the product itself:

  • The curler is made by a brand called ‘Maxly’ from Amazon, you can find it HERE
  • The packaging is nice, but the writing on it is in Chinese so i’m not sure what is says…
  • Although on the back it has this official looking sticker so hopefully i’m not about to burn my retinas for the sake of a review.

When opened, you can see the product itself and what i’m assuming is an eyelash/brow brush (?). The actual product feels a little flimsy if i’m honest, but then again this is a fairly low end heated eyelash curler, there are some online for upwards of £30. The little inspirational message in the box was a nice touch though!

Now for the juicy part, does it actually curl your eyelashes?

  • The product instructions say to use the curler AFTER applying your mascara, so here’s how my eyelashes look pre-curling, but with some No. 7. Mascara on.

Okay, here’s my eyelashes after curling. The instructions (which were in English) said to hold the curler against the inner, middle and outer parts of your lashes and keep it there for six seconds, repeated for as many times as you feel necessary. I repeated the process twice for each section and this is the result.

My eyelashes look okay, you can notice they’re slightly more curled in the second picture, and the third shows that curling made them look a little longer. Also they’re not at all crispy, which was a genuine concern I had when using this thing. However, would I say this is worth £16? No.

Maybe if you bought a higher end heated eyelash curler then the results would be better but this one just doesn’t do the job. The only plus side is that there’s no risk of accidentally pulling out an eyelash unlike with a traditional curler. (something I’ve done more than once)

Unless you’re willing to splash the cash a little, I’d say stick to a traditional eyelash curler, they’re cheaper and will do a just as good, if not better job. I suppose the moral of the story is that i need to stop buying questionable beauty tools off Amazon, will i ever learn my lesson? Probably not.

Have you ever used a heated eyelash curler? what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

Published by

Sophie Almack

Current university student and blogger

2 thoughts on “Heated Eyelash Curlers, Are They Worth The Money?”

  1. Great post! I love your honesty in it, and I’ve truly never heard of this product (sounds a bit scary to me lol)

    I will definitely follow for future posts!

    Feel free to check out my blog as I post about beauty and skincare too! gravitybeauty.blog/
    and feel free to follow my IG: r.gravityblog

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