Tropic Spring Product Launch

On Friday evening I was invited to the Tropic skin care spring product launch, run by ambassadors Jess and Seb. The evening was lovely and it was a great opportunity to see and try out the products first hand, as well as learn more about the products themselves and the Tropic company from the ambassadors. So for this week’s post I thought I’d write a little about what it was like attending this sort of event and some of the products on offer; let’s get into it.

*Disclaimer: Although I was invited to the launch event I was under no obligation to write about it, never mind say anything positive. Anything I write for this website is and always will be my 100% honest opinion, anything less is just shady*.

The event was held at Rise and Shine Living in York, a store run by the ambassadors Jess and Seb. Honestly I was so nervous about attending in the days leading up to it for a few reasons. One, I’d never been invited to anything like this before and two, I was going alone, and being in a room full of strangers is nerve-wracking for anyone. I shouldn’t have worried, everyone was really welcoming and the first glass of prosecco certainly helped calm some of my nerves. I even got chatting to a nice lady called Miriam, who thought I was an off-duty police officer because I was wearing blue and black…

Major Police Woman vibes here! 😉 Jokes aside Miriam was lovely.

On to the meat and potatoes, the products themselves. After a presentation about the products on offer in Spring 2019, we were allowed to go up and try them out! I was super interested in the skin care products, Because the student lifestyle and nice, clear skin don’t always go hand in hand.

‘ABC Skincare’ Routine

The first thing that was talked about was the ‘ABC’ skincare routine. It consists of a cleanser, toning spray and moisturizer. On the night the set cost £54, and you also got a bamboo cloth and face mask worth £20 for free. Obviously, deal lover that I am, ordered the skincare routine and it should be ready to collect at the end of the week once I get back from Amsterdam! All the skin care products are made to order in the UK from vegan, cruelty-free ingredients so I can’t wait to try them them out and review them here!

Here is some of the Body Washes and men’s skin care routine (which I’ve been told is unisex, as are all of tropic’s products)

They also had a number of body washes on offer, which all smelt AMAZING! That little pouch at the back that looks like a fancy Capri Sun is actually a refill pouch for one of the products. The company offer refill pouches on a number of their products in order to reduce wasted packaging, and are aiming to have all their products come with refill options by 2020.

Some of the makeup they had on offer, including foundation, blushes and a build your own palette system

The makeup from what I gathered from the presentation is a fairly new release by the company and, like the skin care is made in the UK with vegan, cruelty free ingredients. The make your own palette was especially interesting as it gives you the opportunity to build a palette of either eye or complexion products in the shades that suit you best.

However, I didn’t feel comfortable writing about this event without addressing an issue I noticed with the make-up, especially the complexion products. The foundations at the moment only have six shades, and only one of those six is made for deeper skin tones.

As someone with a paler complexion I can walk into a makeup store and find my foundation shade without any issues. For many people of color it’s not that easy. So to see a company in 2019 releasing makeup with basically no options for people of color is upsetting. I appreciate that makeup is a fairly new release for this predominantly skin care brand, however if they are going to release complexion products there must be options for ALL skin tones, not just paler ones. I sincerely hope that this is fixed by the company in the future, as it’s such a shame to see the lack of shade range.

(Please note this is NOT a critique of the ambassadors I met on Friday. They were both lovely people and have no say in the products the Tropic company release. I just didn’t feel comfortable talking about this launch and not addressing what is currently a major problem in the beauty industry).

Have you ever used Tropic products, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below! My review of the ‘ABC skincare’ set will be out in around a month, when I’ve had the chance to use the products for a few weeks and see how they’ve changed my skin.

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