Amsterdam 2019 + Look Book!

So last week I took a quick trip to Amsterdam with my parents as a late 21st birthday present. Since everything can be #content I thought I’d create a mini look book whilst I was there and blog a bit about what I got up to, enjoy! All outfits will be linked below if you’re interested, either the exact item or something similar.

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So the Monday night was spent on a ferry from Hull to Rotterdam, which was lovely. Had a nice meal, some drinks, a vomit at 5 am , the usual. No seriously on Tuesday I was running on little food and 90 minutes of sleep due to a rough ferry ride and my over confidence in not getting sea sick (how wrong I was). Nevertheless, still had a wonderful time wandering around Vondel park and the Van Gogh Museum!

Shoes , Coat , Top , Jeans , Bag , Sunglasses

Tuesday Evening

I didn’t get a full length shot of this look because I was well and truly sleep deprived at this point, soz. In the evening we went to a cute steak house and had some dinner then headed to Café Du Waard for a few drinks. We went to this place so many times they followed me on Instagram, which you could do to *wink wink nudge nudge*.

T Shirt , Dress , Jacket , Sunglasses


So on Wednesday, with a full 7 hours of sleep behind me, we hired bikes to explore the city. Now I am not the most confident cyclist, I much prefer to walk on my legs rather than peddle with them so safe to say I was AFRAID. Cycling round Vondel park was lovely, very peaceful. Cycling in the city, with other cyclists, scooters and cars; less so. A few glasses of wine were definitely in order once the bikes were returned.

Jacket , T Shirt , Jeans , Bag , Shoes , Sunglasses

Wednesday Evening

Despite being half woman half compeed blister plaster at this point, I still wore heels for *the look* because apparently I can endure pain to make a nice outfit. Anyway on Wednesday evening we went to a restaurant called The Bakery for some traditional Dutch Hutspot. It was delicious and would highly recommend you try it if you ever get chance.

Coat , Jumper , Jeans , Heels


So this was the last day before we had to catch the bus back to Rotterdam to get back on the ferry. We went to the Rijks Museum which mum loved, me and dad lasted about 90 minutes of walking around then went for some wine. Still it was lovely to learn more about Dutch history and culture and it’s definitely a place to visit if you like art.

Jeans , Shoes , Jumper , Jacket , Sunglasses

So Amsterdam was a bit of speedy trip but I had a lovely time and would love to visit the city again. Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What did you get up to? Feel free to talk about it in the comments below!

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