Four Hairstyles For Bobbed Length Hair

As my hair’s been growing out from being a pixie cut I’ve been having to change how I style it. Back when it was super short I could wash it and leave it to do its thing, but as its grown I now need to put a bit more work in. So here’s four quick and easy hairstyles for bobbed length hair.

1. Straight and Sleek

I’m going to do this hand pose forever, it’s who i am now

Simple as it sounds. For this style simply straighten your hair. That’s it. literally just straighten your hair. It’s a super quick way to get your locks looking neat, whether for a night out or day at the office, and can be slicked back behind the ears with a styling product to add variety.

2. Simple Braid

This one is super summery and can be a great style for a barbecue or grabbing a gin with some friends. Simply part your hair slightly to one side, then grab a small section of the hair that’s on the parted side and braid it. Pin it back with a clip and you’re good to go. This look would also work with previously straightened hair, maybe as a quick way to spruce up your look for after work drinks.

3. Messy Curls

Not sure why I look like a LITERAL GHOST, must’ve been the lighting…

I’m not the best at using a curling iron, so this look can either look great or like I’ve just rolled out of bed; here it was a mixture of both. Messy waves are a great way to add texture to otherwise fairly flat hair and can easily be dressed up or down based on your outfit choice!

4. Baby Bunches

A big thanks to my housemate Olivia for introducing me to this style!

This little bunches are so cute and only take a few minutes! Part your hair straight down the middle and separate the front sections on either side. Then one at a time, tie these sections into bunches at the back of your head, making sure they’re even (I find it helps to make a little whoosh sound as your separate the hair, makes the whole thing more fun).

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Sophie Almack

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