Four Outfits For Spring/Summer 2019

I don’t know if these are on trend because I’m not 100% on what the trends are

May is weird right? Some days are sweltering heat (at least by UK standards don’t @ me) and others are properly chilly! So, here are some outfits that could be worn for and easily edited to suit either weather condition, enjoy! I’m only going to link the pieces people may not own, such as hats or longer skirts, since i’m guessing most of you own a pair of jeans and a white t shirt.

(As usual, I’m not affiliated with any brands linked or mentioned, as if I’ll ever get enough influence to get an affiliate link a girl can DREAM)

photo creds: my top pal Olivia.

This is more for a cooler day and is a fun way to liven up the typical black jeans black shirt combo. The pink outer is actually a dress I picked up from a charity shop in York so I will link a similar one. Perks of using a shirt dress as a jacket is if it miracously warms up just button it up, take of your jeans and Ta Da, new outfit (maybe find a bathroom to do it in though).


Photo creds: Ianthe

I’ve had this dress since I was 18 and I still wear it a lot, it’s so comfy and is super easy to dress up or down. For a casual summer look pair with converse or sandals, then switch to heels for the evening! For a cooler day, add a red or other warm colored jacket for a pop of color.


photo creds: mother dearest, when she came to York for her birthday last week

I’m having a real pinafore phase at the moment, this one is just so comfy and can be worn pretty much year round! Pair with a crop top and trainers in summer and Tights plus a short jacket in cooler weather.


photo: mum, again. Also I was so focused on showing off the skirt I forgot to smile and didn’t notice till I edited the photo, oops!

I only got this skirt last Friday and I’m obsessed, apart from blowing into my ice cream on Saturday, it’s been serving me very well. Much like the dress it can be dressed up or down and it’s super light and flowy for summer. Pair with a black or grey jacket for cooler days.

SHOES SKIRT (note on the skirt, I couldn’t find the exact color of mine online, the one linked appears to be a brighter green whereas mine is more olive).

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