Everyday Skin Care Routine For Under £22!

Skincare can be expensive, especially with the rise of premium serums and creams hitting the market with eye watering prices (I’m looking at you Liz Earle!). I’m not gonna lie it’s nice to have a premium skin care routine from time to time, I recently used and reviewed Tropic’s ABC Skincare routine kit which you can find HERE. As much as I love ABC, sometimes the bank balance won’t stretch to a routine that costs upwards of £50, so I’ve complied a list of some products that can be used to formulate your own simple skin routine for the fairly reasonable price of £21.76 (from Boots UK). One thing I ought to mention is I formulated this routine with my own sensitive, eczema-prone messy skin in mind, however these products are to my knowledge available for other skin types such as dry or combination skin.

*as usual, I’m sadly not affiliated with any of these brands*

The Routine

I’m going to be listing the products in the order I would use them in the evening, as that has more steps than the morning routine and better shows off the use of the products.

Step 1: Micellar Water and Face Washing

Micellar water is the backbone of skincare routines around the world, including this one. If I’m wearing makeup I’ll use Micellar water to remove it, it’s a lot gentler than face wipes and more environmentally friendly if you use reusable face pads such as these. If i’m not wearing makeup I will skip this step and go straight into washing my face with the Garnier Pure Active Daily Wash. This wash is meant for oilier skin so it does dry my face out a bit after use, however it works wonders for removing blackheads so it’s a price i’m willing to pay! If my skin is feeling drier than usual after using the wash I’ll often sweep a small amount of Micellar water over my skin to add back in some moisture.

Another thing I want to add for my eczema buddies out there is that I’ve found Micellar water is surprisingly good for soothing eczema flare ups. just wipe a little over the affected area and cover with a bandage to stop the skin being exposed to more irritants. The Micellar water is really good at cooling the skin and clearing up redness! ( btw i’m not a doctor so if you do this and it gets worse please don’t yell at me)

Step 2: Moisturizing and Optional Serum

After washing and cleansing I’ll move onto moisturizing my face. At the moment I’m applying a serum before I moisturize purely because I want to use it up as it came with a micro-needling set I bought last year (you can find the post talking about micro-needling HERE). Serum isn’t essential, if you can afford one, go wild if not I wouldn’t worry about it. After serum I’ll apply the Nivea Daily Essentials Moisture Boost face cream. I LOVE this stuff, it feels so good on the skin and is one of the only drugstore moisturizers that I feel really does a great job of keeping skin moisturized all day.

Step 3: Twice-Weekly Face Mask

Face masks aren’t a daily thing but are great for giving your skin the occasional boost. I’m currently loving the L’Oreal Pure Clay Charcoal Mask as it’s great for making my skin look instantly clearer and less spotty! As per the instructions I use this product twice a week and have genuinely noticed a difference in how my skin looks and feels, I would definitely recommend if you have spot-prone skin.

I hope some of these products help your skin this summer, if you enjoyed this post please drop it a like and feel free to come say hello on my social media!


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