Safiya Nygaard Lipstick Collection Review

I’ve loved Safiya’s content for years, ever since her Ladylike days, so when I stumbled upon the fact that she’d partnered with ColorPop to release a lipstick line I HAD to get them. In fact, I went from knowing about them to ordering the full set in about 5 minutes; a good thing too since they sold out soon after.

So, two weeks and $46 later, they’re here and I love them.

The full set retails for $46, or individual colors at $8. However, since I live in the UK I had to pay an extra £11.20 in Tax and £9.99 shipping, so the total cost to get them for me was a cool £67.19…. lets just say I don’t look at my bank account (read: overdraft) anymore. Was it worth it? I’d say yes.

The set consists of six colors: 2 nudes, 3 red-berry colors and one Blue color and they came in cute bat themed packaging, they even have bats imprinted on the lipsticks themselves, perfect for Halloween.

Okay, lets get to the nitty gritty, the actual lipsticks.

Bikini Bottom

Bikini Bottom is the lightest shade of the lot, It’s a really pretty nude and I think it will be my go-to everyday nude shade from now on. It applies super easily and one coat got the job done in terms of coverage.

Mrs Norris

Another natural shade, but with slightly more grey-brown tones is Mrs Norris. Named after Filch’s iconic cat in the Harry Potter series, this color is great for if you want a natural look with just a bit of extra flair.

Berry Me In Lipsticks

Around a year ago Safiya made a video where she melted every lipstick from Sephora together, this color is a copy of the shade she ended up with. I really like Berry Me In Lipsticks, it’s a really pretty pink color and one I can see myself wearing a lot.


Fred surprised me by being my favorite color in the collection, a title I expected to go to Screamer or Brucie. Its a gorgeous, soft red and it just has such a romantic vibe to it. It’s also the color i’m still wearing after taking all these pictures as I wanted to test the longevity of the formula; which i’m currently testing by eating skittles whilst writing – there’s science behind these reviews you know!


Screamer gives me such moody, Halloween vibes and I really like the color. However, I think it’s a little bit too dark for my skin tone as I’m literally the color of paper. This is also the first of two shades that has a matte finish, rather than créme; meaning it has a more velvety look and feel to it.


The final shade in the collection and the 2nd one with a matte finish, Brucie is out there to say the least! It’s a really pretty blue-green color that I personally would save for a night out rather than everyday use; but that’s just me. Hey, maybe I’ll be feeling confident and rock it to the office one day, who knows.

Overall, I love these lipsticks. Yes i’m a little bias because I’m a huge fan of Safiya and her YouTube content but these lipsticks are 100% worth the price, the colors and formula are gorgeous and they don’t dry your lips out like cheaper lipsticks can. I’d definitely recommend grabbing a set (or your favorite shade) when the next re-stock is released.

Have you tried any of Safiya’s new collection, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

Much love,

Sophie xoxo

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Sophie Almack

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