Safiya Nygaard Lipstick Collection Review

I’ve loved Safiya’s content for years, ever since her Ladylike days, so when I stumbled upon the fact that she’d partnered with ColorPop to release a lipstick line I HAD to get them. In fact, I went from knowing about them to ordering the full set in about 5 minutes; a good thing too since they sold out soon after.

So, two weeks and $46 later, they’re here and I love them.

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Heated Eyelash Curlers, Are They Worth The Money?

In the latest installment of Sophie spending money she doesn’t actually have, I spend £16.97 on a heated eyelash curler. I already have a normal eyelash curler, but no APPARENTLY i felt the need to buy one that gently warms my eyeballs as well. Now i’m going to put it to the test, does it work better than a traditional eyelash curler? Is it good value for money? Has it burnt my eyelashes off? Keep reading to find out!

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