Let’s Talk Body Image

The ‘perfect body’ is everywhere. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, hell even walking down the street it’s there in front of you. Buy this perfume, wear these jeans, eat this yogurt, and you’ll look just like a celebrity! There’s no getting away from the fact that the common view of the ideal body is thin; both figuratively and literally.

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Amsterdam 2019 + Look Book!

So last week I took a quick trip to Amsterdam with my parents as a late 21st birthday present. Since everything can be #content I thought I’d create a mini look book whilst I was there and blog a bit about what I got up to, enjoy! All outfits will be linked below if you’re interested, either the exact item or something similar.

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5 Ways to Style an Over Sized Shirt

An over sized shirt is something that the vast majority of people have lying around. Whether they got it vintage shopping, stole it from a partner or found it in the back of their parents closet and ‘inherited’ it. It’s one of those pieces that can be worn in a multitude of ways, and i’m going to go through some of them, right here, right now *cue dramatic music*.

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Mini Vintage Haul!

This windy morning in York I took a trip into the city with the goal of getting two ‘going out’ tops and some cocoa butter. Once i’d picked these up i thought i’d pop into a vintage store near my bus stop called ‘Expressions‘ and oh boy did i drop some money in there…

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